And Jesus said unto him "Verily I say unto thee
Today shalt thee be with me in paradise."
Luke 24:43

The Crucifixion
by Marilyn Ferguson

They placed the cross upon His back
Yet, no one seemed to care
The weight across His shoulders
Seemed more than He could bear.

The spikes were driven in His hands
And pounded through His feet
The ones who had convicted Him
Were cheering in the street.

The crown of thorns placed on His head
Brought blood upon His brow
The day of prophecy had come
He had to face it now.

The sins of man were laid to rest
He bore a heavy loss
The agony He must have felt
As He hung there on the cross.

The innocent blood of Jesus Christ
Was shed for all to see
The Son of God was crucified
And died for you and me.

(c)2001 Marilyn Ferguson
Used with permission

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